Here you’ll find some helpful videos!

At Prana Design Group we pride ourselves on educating our Clients while we are working for them.
Here you will find a selection of Video Tutorials and Case Studies to help you.

VIDEO: How to Setup a Facebook Business Page.

In this Video Tutorial I am going to show you how to setup a Facebook Business Page. A Facebook Business Page is full of options specifically for Businesses to use to grow their following and create a loyal fan base.

VIDEO: How to Convert a Facebook Personal Profile to a Facebook Business Page.

In this video I am going to teach you how to convert a Facebook Personal Profile to Facebook Business Page. Many small business owners I meet only have a Facebook Personal Profile as their Business Page. Not only is this against Facebook Policy but they also don’t get to take advantage of all of the features a Facebook Business Page offers.

VIDEO: How to ADD AN ADMIN TO A Facebook Business Page.

In this Video Tutorial I am going to show you how to Add An Admin to a Facebook Business Page.

VIDEO: Our Newest Client Warwick Valley Bed and Breakfast gets a NEW LOOK <3

VIDEO: What Can Prana Design Do For You? A look at our work with Serendipitous Scents.

So what EXACTLY is it that Prana Design Group does and how can it HELP YOU??? Check out my latest video showcasing the work Prana Design Group has done for Serendipitous Scents in Warwick NY.

We have provided Amanda with Logo Design, several Website Designs, Catalog Design, Product Labels, Branding, Social Media Management, Photography, Etsy Setup and more!

Serendipitous Scent’s Sales Revenue has grown by 60% since working with Anna!

VIDEO: Meet Our Client QB Ball and the fabulous, bright website Prana Design just finished for them!

QB Ball came to us looking for a Business Name, Branding, Marketing, Social Media and a Website! This was a fun one to work on 🙂