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What’s in a name? The word Prana is often referred to as the “life force” or “life energy” and was chosen as our name because we’d like to be that “life force” that ROCKETS your company to the next level. Prana Design offers Marketing Services and fresh, responsive Web Design in Warwick NY and surrounding areas. Prana Design has been helping business owners achieve their dreams for the past ten years. We specialize in helping small business owners build an online identity and maximize their online presence so that the customers looking for them can find them and find them before competition!

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Our Difference

Prana Design stands out among other Design Firms as a Design and Marketing Group that educates Business Owners as we are working for you, to help you reach your maximum potential. We pride ourselves on walking hand in hand with our clients so they understand every step of the process. We have a diverse portfolio of clients that will attest to the effectiveness of the hands on approach we take. None of our work is subcontracted out to other countries…all proudly made in the USA!

Our Team

website design warwick ny

Anna is the Owner and Lead Designer at Prana Design Group. She has been designing since she can remember, collages when she was 10, clothes when she was 16 and now Graphic and Web Design! Art and beauty are in her veins!  Creating visually stunning artwork is a passion of hers that she is lucky enough to call her “job”!

Anna has found her true calling in life which is to help business  owners make their dreams a reality. Anna considers herself a Visual Designer with Magic Making Skills. She can build your brand from start to finish…from Logo Conception to a Complete Branding of your Business including Social Media, Online Presence and Marketing.

We look forward to offering our expertise to grow your business! We do what we do BEST…So you can do what you do BEST!

Latest Work

A sampling of the Clients we've been blessed to work with! You'll love our work. Check it out!


Let Prana Design build you a completely New Website for your company or simply ReDesign your Current Website. We can also Maintain and Update your current website as needed by you. We specialize in building responsive websites that work on computers, tablets and smart phones.

Prana Design also offers Social Media and Search Engine Optimization Services to maximize your online presence. We are family owned and offer you one on one service that includes meeting as many times as needed to go over everything your business needs to grow!
Web Design
Prana Design can build you a brand new website or modify your existing website to suit your needs. Whether you have an existing website that needs changes or need a brandy new website, we have the knowledge to develop your web presence and make sure you are found by the customers that make your business thrive.
Social Media
Social Media Optimization is a technique of Internet Marketing where word of mouth is created not through friends or family but through the use of social networking websites. Prana Design will brand your company across Social Media platforms and teach you how to use your Social Media effectively.
Search Engine
Search Engine Optimization will get your website found on the internet by potential customers! You may be asking yourself...what in the world is SEO and why is SEO so important to me? Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages, 90% of consumers search online for your service. Is your website being found before your competitors?

Our Thoughts

Here, at Prana Design, we are all about educating our clients so they can grow their business effectively.
Take a peek at our Small Business Education Resources available in our Blog!
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